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How do I get involved?

Become a Participant

Becoming a Participant allows you to join in our events and fundraisers. As a Participant you'll be able to participate in our programs and freely use our equipment across all branches. Check out our chapter pages for all the events you can join!

Become an Activity Buddy

Activity Buddies are a necessity to the foundation. All members who participate in our events require an activity buddy to help with equipment and to take part with them. SGPSF encourages the inclusion of friend participation on the journey to a healthy lifestyle.

To become an Activity Buddy, you will need to submit to us a Police Vulnerable Sector Check completed within the last 6 months. Please submit it in person at a chapter or by email at

Responsibilities of an Activity Buddy

Activity Buddies are volunteers who make sure to follow these steps:

DO: Help your partner use the activity equipment.
DO: Encourage and inspire your partner with helpful tips and positive reinforcement.
DO: Join in on the fun! You have just as much access as your partner to our equipment.

DON'T: Leave your partner alone while using equipment. You're meant to spot each other!

Activity Buddies do not necessarily compete with or race their assigned partners. It can be fun to have some friendly competition once in awhile, but we want to see everyone smiling by the end of the day.

How to Become a Member

Becoming a member is easy, just follow these 2 steps:

Want to register offline? Click Here!

Registering Offline

You can still do step 1 by clicking the links below, emailing a photo or scanned copy to You can also meet us at an event in person to fill them out!

Step 1 forms:

Click here for a printable Registration form
Click here for a printable PAR-Q+ form

Step 2 form:

Click here for a printable Participant Release and Understanding of Agreement.